Understanding How Night Clubs Work & How to get in


The new Hot Spot

Most people go to nightclubs and see it from the outsider perspective, never having taken the time to converse with managers, doormen, bartenders and various employees.  Beneath the glamour and enticement of sex, there is a business side to the whole thing.  After all, the people, or the entities, who own these clubs are in business to make money.

Like a lot of things in life, Nightclubs have their own cycle and they often repeat a similar pattern.  Since I am taking sometime off from going to such places, I thought it’d be a good idea to step back and talk about lifecycles of nightclubs.

For our purposes, we are sticking to popular spots that are “the Places to Go” in any big city.  We are not talking about a “Dive-bar” that’s been there for years, nor are we discussing the local Irish Pub that serves drinks to a loyal client of hardcore boozers.

  • Grand Opening:  The New Popular Nightclub:

For the first 3 or 4 months, it’s absolute pandemonium.   Red Carpets, Velvet ropes, and the A-list crowd.  If you’re the average Joe trying to get in, forget about it.  It’s “THE” Place to be go.  It’s the see and be seen place and you had better be prepared to spend lots of cash.

This is the honeymoon period.  In LA or NY, they’ll lure celebrities to come in who consequently have their photos taken out front.  Socialites run amok and Paris Hilton can’t wait to have her photo taken outside.  There are no lines.  People stand like cows at a trough and if you’re lucky, the promoter may allow you in.  More than likely, you’re standing in a crowd of people for hours and everything is there to remind you that you lack social status.

In order to even have a chance at getting in, you must be on a guest-list and even then, you may not get it.  A $5000 for bottle service or greasing the bouncer may help smooth the way in, but you have to ask yourself, is the price worth the night spent in that venue?

  • Fast Forward 6 months later.

In 6-8 months time, it’s still the spot but the hoopla has subsided a bit and at least the average Joe can somehow schmooze his way in there.  It’s still difficult though, and you’ll still see hopeful patrons standing outside in the cold for 3 hours crossing their fingers hoping that the bouncer will have mercy on them.  At least, however, the club has become more lax on allowing in average Joes and average looking women.

It’s still difficult but it’s not improbable.

Fun times....

  • One year later

In a year’s time, things have normalized.  Now, it has more of a normal feel to it.  It’s one of the hotspots, but it’s not “The” hotspot in town.  The average Joe and the average looking girls actually have a good chance to get in.  It’s fun and still one of the best nightspots in town to party.  It no longer has the status it used to, but it’s still a nice place that promises to be a good time.

  • A year and half to two years later

In a year and half to two year’s time, it’s becoming passé.  It ain’t what it used to be.  It’s ok but business has plummeted a bit.  There is also a new place in town that is “The” hotspot to go to and this club is now catering to the more average.  Paris Hilton has long taken her drunken debauchery there and she wouldn’t be caught dead here now.

It’s a fun place and people start talking how about its glory days and “How” this place used to be.  Again, this place is the alternative to the NEW place that just opened up. That place is almost impossible to get it to, but this place is a bit of a legend in its own right so it has some of the respectability factor.

  • Fast forward two to two and a half years later:

Something strange happens to some clubs.  A bit of a ghetto element shows up at the club because it’s loosened up its admission policies.  Soon, more of a ghetto element shows up because the crowd is shifting.  A small surge in business comes and the club starts playing an insane amount of hip-hop to cater to this new crowd.  You no longer see drunk white people singing Journey’s “Don’t stop Believin’” in a drunken stupor come closing time.

That’s the beginning of the end for the night club.

Basically, You see a plethora of spinning rims on Cadillac Escalades in the parking and you know the club’s days are numbered!

At this point, the “Hot chicks” stop going to this place.  When the “Hot chicks” stop going, so do the guys who are spending all the money.  No attractive women, and no big time spenders.  The women are the lure, and there is no longer any social status attached to this club.

  • In 2 to 3 year’s time, the club closes.

But don’t worry; this is the nightclub business.  There will be a new club opening down the street with the same cycle, but you’ll find it very difficult to get into that one.  You’re better off trying the one further down that opened a year ago.  It’s in its 1-year cycle and it’s the happening place to go where you don’t have to work your ass off to get in.

In recent times, the Nightclubs business has changed to a conglomerate of owners who expect and understand this cycle.  They’ll open a new club every two years for this very reason, and sometimes it’s in the same exact location!   They’ll close the place down, wait 3 months, remodel the building and give the place a new name.  They’ll pretend as though someone new has opened a new club. In reality, it’s the same owners giving the old place a facelift and a new image under the guise of “A Brand New Night Club.”

Hence, club Le-Experiment will shut down for 6 months, redecorate, and reopen under a new name.  Same owners, same management company, just a bit of dressing to fool people into believing it’s a new place.  Paris is back, so are the velvet ropes, and the guest Lists.

And the cycle continues…………………..



Practical Portion of The Show

Tips for getting into Night Clubs:

Granted, I’ve not been a big fan of frequenting the super ritzy places often, but I’ve been enough times to get the dynamics.  I’ve found way to get in to the places I want to go.  So, how do you get into Night Clubs?  Below is an outline of various methods to get in:


—The Pay-For-It Route—

  • Bottle Service

The most expensive way to do so is by purchasing bottle-service.  This concept really seems to have become hugely popular in the last 5 years.  If you don’t know what that is:

Reserved Bottle Service

Basically, you get your own table/booth at the club by purchasing 1 or 2 bottles of Alcohol.  So perhaps you get 2 bottles of Grey Goose Vodka, but each bottle is costing you 500 dollars….  This is tough to stomach knowing that the same bottle goes for $50 at the store, but that’s the price you pay for VIP Service and having your own booth to share with friends.

Bottle service, however, can cost you up to several thousand dollars depending on which club you go to. It is for the big time spenders.  You have your own booth where you can corral women to, and let’s be honest, club skanks cannot resist free alcohol.  For the higher end bottle service purchasers, it’s a display of social status.  The club women know where the money is.  It’s in the corner where the guy just spent three to five thousand dollars. Granted, to be fair, not all the women are of the “Club Skank” variety.  People like to have a good time, and the VIP booth with the free flowing alcohol that is sectioned off promises just that.

Pros of Bottle Service:  Easy Entry to club, Velvet ropes lifted just for you, VIP service, social status inside the club,  Private booth where you can conduct your party,

Cons:  Significant Damage to your wallet



  • Grease the Bouncer

Though expensive, it’s still cheaper than the bottle-service route. Three or four guys could pitch a few hundred dollars a piece to get bottle service, or you can shake the bouncer’s hand with a fifty or a hundred dollar bill folded neatly and he’ll allow you to get in.  Direct correlation on on how hot the nightclub is and how much you gotta pay.

You can be direct with this method, but don’t announce it to the world.  Don’t attempt to embarrass the bouncer or make it look like he is a sleazebag on the take.  It’s part of the job.

  • You can quietly just ask him, “Hey man, how much would it cost to get me/us in here?”
  • Or lean over and quietly make an offer:  “Hey, if I shook on it with fifty, will that get me in?”

This is not a surefire way to get you in.  On some nights, the bouncer’s power is limited, or there may be guys making much higher monetary donations than you.  However, it’s normally effective and the bouncers like you after the fact.


  • Dinner Reservations

Certain nightclubs operate as restaurants before going to full club mode around 10 PM or so.  Normally, if you eat dinner, you’re allowed to hang out afterwards and enjoy the club as well.  Keep in mind, this is not a cheap dinner.  Do NOT order Wine with your meal.  That’s what kills ya at the high-end restaurants.  A bottle of beer or 1 cocktail shall suffice.  You may spend 50 to 75 dollars on a meal, but you didn’t spend money on bottle-service, and you didn’t have to negotiate with the bouncer.



—-The Free Route—


  • Befriend the main Promoter

Well, everyone wants to get on his good side, and he knows that.  Very difficult to befriend the main promoter at the venue itself.  You’re just going to come across as an ass kisser.   You’re going to have meet this guy through social circles and such  That’s the key here!  He may extend an invite but at best, it’ll be you and 1 male friend.  Just one!  Don’t show up in a cock-fest.  Ratio of females to males is very important in these spots.  That’s part of the lure and the social status.


  • The promoter’s minions:

There is 1 main promoter and he has a bunch of cronies underneath him.  These guys have limited power but all strive to be the main promoter one day.  Usually, they act like they’re gigantic club promoters, but again, their power is very limited.  You can get on their list and sometimes, you can do that through email and such.

Here is the trick though: Even the cronies have various lists sometimes.  If you’re on his general list, you’re on there along with a whole lot of other dudes.  You may get it but you’re waiting around for an hour or more….  He may have a VIP List and that’s the list you want to get on.  The general list sometimes can be meaningless.


  • Know the bouncer

This basically comes down to going some place often and having some networking skills. I’ve chatted with guys working out at the local gym who turned out to be bouncers at popular local nightspot.  I didn’t even know that upon chatting with the guy initially, but when the guy is your pal in some way, and you show up at the club, chances are good he is going to sneak you in.


  • The Sausage King of Chicago, technique

This comes from the beloved 80s classic, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  If you understand the system, then you can see opportunity spots within to devise clever tactics to get you in.  I can’t share these ones personally, but if you look into it, I am sure you can find clever ways of working around the system.  If you’ve seen Ferris Bueller, then you know the scene I am talking about.

Other than, go early and try to work your way in.  Or you can try the route of getting in by attrition.  Dress well, and wait around for 2-3 hours and they may finally take pity on you.  However, standing in the cold for 2 hours and not getting in can leave a nasty taste in your mouth so it’s not highly recommended from me.

So, there you have it.  The business of Nightclubs along with how to get in while they’re a happening spot…..


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